How To

How to start a Course

To start course, please do the following:
• Register or Login to your Khusome Account.
• Once you log in, you can search for a course by going to the All Courses Page.
• Select the course you want to study and select Enroll Course.
Once the page concerning the course has loaded, click Enroll Now and Start Learning

Khusome courses are designed to be self-paced, meaning you can take as much or as little time to complete a course as you wish.

How to continue Learning

To locate and continue studying your courses on yourK khusome account please do the following:
• Log in to your Khusome account. You can click on the blue account button on the navigation bar.
• Go to your Dashboard. and click on Enrolled courses. Find the course you want to continue with and click on start learning.

How to Pay for a course

To enroll to a paid course do the following;
- login into your khusome account
- locate the course you want to enroll to and click on "Add to Cat" Button
- The Cart page will load, scroll down to Proceed to Checkout button.
- The checkout page will load, fill in the details and click checkout Button.
- A confirmation page will load, Click on make payment. After which a dialogue page will load for you to choose your preferred payment method. The payment method include Mobile Money, Visa, Master card etc